If you want the best chance for seeing wildlife, communing with nature, and plenty
of time to soak up the peace and quiet, then this is the tour for you!


Experience a real Thai adventure with this incredible 3-day trip. Float downriver in a long tail boat to the otherworldly and stunning Cheow Lan Lake, trek through the jungle, explore caves, canoe on bright blue waters, and have the chance to spot gibbons and hornbills in the trees with this incredible national park experience.Highlights:Discover incredible natural beauty on a jungle trek Experience the ethereal landscape of Cheow Lan LakeExplore jungle caves and have the chance to spot gibbon monkeys 
Mini Adventure. Get to know a new place and explore its highlights on a short but sweet trip of 9 days or less, packed with excitement and experiences to keep you satisfied. If you don’t have a lot of time for your travels, or want to mix-and-match short tours while having an unforgettable and fulfilling experience with other like-minded travellers, our mini adventures are for you!

Hiking, caving, swimming, kayaking
Canoeing or jungle night safari
Ride in longtail boats and go on

a morning mist and night safari


Riverside & Rafthouse with Lake Overnight
3 Day, 2 Night Tour Khao Sok

from ฿5,000 per person

1 night at Riverside Cottages
1 night at Cheow Larn Lake
Includes guided lake tour with wildlife safari

Rainforest Adventure with Lake Day Trip
3 Day, 2 Night Package

from ฿6,300 per person

2 nights at Riverside Cottages
Includes guided Cheow Larn Lake tour
Choose from canoeing or batik workshop, night safari or massage, half-day hike or hot springs

Khao Sok Delight with Elephant Bath
3 Day, 2 Night Khao Sok Trip

from ฿5,500 per person

2 nights at Riverside Cottages
Choose from half-day hike or massage, canoeing or tubing, elephant bathing or lunch in the jungle

Rafthouse & Rainforest
3 days, 2 nights 

from ฿6,300 per person

Package with 1 night at Coco Hostel and 1 night at Floating Bungalows swim in the emerald waters and go jungle hiking or spend some time kayaking. morning mist safari, and look for giant hornbills, monkeys, and gibbons feeding in the trees before breakfast.

What to bring:

  • Swim suite, or T-shirt and shorts you don’t mind getting wet

  • Flip flops, sandals or shoes you don’t mind getting wet

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Camera/phone

  • Towel

  • If you have it, we recommend to bring a waterproof bag and/or waterproof case for your phone and camera