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Chiew larn Lake

Affordable group travel organized monthly, with a maximum of 20 participants.
Enjoy a full range of activities, all meals included, and accommodations with two people per room.
An experienced guide will provide special care throughout the trip.

Sep 26-28, 2024
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Oct 26-28, 2024
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Nov 26-28, 2024
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Dec 26-28, 2024
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Jan 26-28, 2025
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Experience an extraordinary 2-day, 1-night getaway with the Cheow Lan Lake Group Tour. Save money without sacrificing comfort!


Discover the unique beauty of nature with stunning lake and mountain views that resemble paintings.

Enjoy a variety of activities such as kayaking, swimming, and hiking through the peat swamp forest.


Explore the Coral Cave, take an evening boat ride to admire the natural beauty of the lake, and go birdwatching from a boat in the early morning. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and freshness of nature in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The natural beauty of Cheow Lan Lake will leave you feeling both impressed and relaxed.

Affordable group package
2 Days 1 Night

4,000 THB

Air-Con Room


5,500 THB

Fan room

Price per person

save money

Klong Ka Raft House is located in the Khlong Ka area of Khao Sok National Park, at the Khlong Ka Tourism Development Center, near the Khlong Ka Peat Swamp Forest and Prakarang Cave. Tourists can kayak to enjoy the beautiful scenery, especially during sunrise.


The area in front of the raft house is a wide expanse of water that reflects like a mirror, making it ideal for family or group stays.


As for food, you are guaranteed to enjoy delicious Southern Thai cuisine, including sour curry, clear soup, fish curry, fried fish, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Package includes

  • 1 night accommodation at Klong Ka Raft

  • Shuttle Boat Service for Groups Only

  • Tour of Khao Sam Kler at Cheow Lan Lake

  • Swamp Forest Trek or Waterfall

  • Evening boat ride for wildlife and bird watching

  • Morning boat ride to view the mist

  • Pakarang Cave

  • National park entrance fees

  • All meals included (dinner, breakfast,lunch)

  • Local guide

  • Accident insurance

Package Itinerary

Day 1

12:40 - 13:00: Meet at the Cheow Lan Dam Municipal Pier. Our guide will take good care of you from this point on.


13:20: Load your luggage onto the boat and cruise to see the scenic Khao Sam Kler, the symbol of Cheow Lan Lake. Start your day with a visit to Khao Sam Kler, a famous viewpoint of the lake, where you will experience the pristine beauty of nature.


14:00: Arrive at Khlong Ka Raft House, check-in, and have lunch. Free time for on last swim!


15:00: Swamp forest trek (2 hours): Continue with a 2-hour swamp forest trek. This route will take you through lush forest and diverse swamps filled with various plants and animals.


17:00: End the day with an evening wildlife cruise, experiencing the beauty of nature and observing wildlife in their natural habitat during the evening.


18:00: Enjoy dinner with delicious Khlong Ka Raft House specialties, including sour curry with catfish and pickled bamboo shoots, stir-fried mixed vegetables, omelet, fried fish, and fresh fruits.

Day 2

07.00: Morning boat ride to view the mist and birds
08:00: Have breakfast to start your day and prepare for departure. Relax and pack your belongings at your leisure.


09:00: Check out from Klong Ka Raft House.
09.30 go to Pakarang Cave 

Visit the beauty of stalactite and stalagmite caves. with a beautiful and strange shape to imagine all the way Along with the guided tour of the area The reason for the name Coral Cave is because looks like a coral reef up in the middle of the cave Estimated to be over 400 million years old (expected to have been the world's primeval sea)
Ride the raft back to the original point. and travel back to go on a long-tailed boat


12:00: Arrive at Cheow Lan Dam Municipal Pier.
13.00 Lunch at Local Restaurant (Bai Pad Restaurant)
The guide will send you off safely, marking the end of the program.

If you have purchased transfer services, our vehicle will be waiting to take you to the airport, pier, or your next hotel. While the adventure may end, the memories of your time in Khao Sok National Park will last forever.

What to bring?

  • Swim suite

  • towel

  • sun protection

  • a hat or cap and sun glasses

  • water proof

  • beg insects repellent

  • one set of dry clothes.

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