Daily Costs
Budget: Less than 1000B

Basic guesthouse room: 600–1000B
Market/street stall meal: 40–100B
Small bottle of beer: 100B
Public transport around town: 20–50B
Midrange: 1000–4000B

Flashpacker guesthouse or midrange hotel room: 1000–4000B
Western lunches and seafood dinner: 150–350B
Organised tour or activity: 1000–1500B
Motorbike hire: 150–250B
Top end: More than 4000B

Boutique hotel room: 4000B
Meal at fine-dining restaurant: 350–1000B
Private tours: 2000B
Car hire: from 800B per day

Thais respect a good haggler. Always let the vendor make the first offer, then ask ‘Can you lower the price?’. This usually results in a discount. Now it’s your turn to make a counter-offer. Always start low, but don’t bargain unless you’re serious about buying. If you’re buying several of an item, you have much more leverage to request and receive a lower price. It helps immeasurably to keep the negotiations relaxed and friendly.