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eSIM in Thailand

One of the fears that people have when traveling abroad is how they will continue to communicate with the world once they get there. This applies to all tourists, business people or students going to Thailand from anywhere in the world. Being able to have an internet connection and stay in touch with the world without paying a lot of money is not a luxury, but before eSIM, people were paying a lot of money even for short vacations with overseas tariffs on their physical SIM cards. To avoid this, we would like to introduce you to Esimatic, the best eSIM provider in the world and in Thailand. If you don't want to deal with such problems when traveling abroad, you should continue reading this article.

What Does Esimatic Do

eSim is a technology that provides people with an affordable internet connection. It does this by connecting to local networks in the countries where it is used. If we need to talk about the process exactly, eSIM Thailand allows its customers to have an uninterrupted internet by making agreements with secure and well-known local networks in Thailand. For example, let's say you are traveling in a city in Thailand and you will be connected to the most reliable internet provider there because eSIM Thailand technology will connect you to that provider. If you change location, eSIM Thailand will connect you to the internet provider that will provide you with a stronger signal where you are going when the old internet provider that eSIM Thailand is connected to is no longer providing as good a signal as before. This means that wherever the internet is available, you will have uninterrupted internet. That is why Esimatic is the best esim for Thailand. If we need to talk about the technical features of this technology, the data plans offered by eSIM Thailand include different internet packages of 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB and 20 GB. The usage periods of these packages are determined as 7 and 30 days. However, it should be noted that if you want to take advantage of Esimatic technology, you should be aware that Esimatic will not provide you with a cell phone number. In this context, you will not be able to send SMS to people because eSIMs are virtual cards and do not give you a phone number like traditional SIM cards. However, you can still use your own physical SIM card when using eSIM Thailand technology and you can still receive calls and SMS from outside if you wish, it's just that you will be charged for sending them. But in this day and age of modern technology, it is possible to call and text people with an internet connection. You can do this through apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. The last point we want to mention is that Esimatic technology is prepaid. This means that you pay before you start using the service and then your internet connection is activated and you don't pay much or there is no data overage. This actually prevents the situation that people fear the most when traveling abroad. Because with these prepaid plans, even if the data package runs out, you will not pay an additional fee and your package will not be renewed without your knowledge.

You can use websites such as to find the best eSIM for Thailand. You can compare the data packages from multiple providers to get the best value for your money.

How to Purchase

As we mentioned earlier, eSIM technology includes prepaid plans, which means that you have to pay for the service before you can start using it. There are a few simple steps to do this and we'll walk you through them. First of all, in order to benefit from eSIM Thailand technology, you need to find out if your cell phone is compatible with this technology. Generally, phones made after 2018 are compatible with this technology. But to be sure, you can find information about which phones are compatible or not on the main page of the Esimatic website. In addition, you can easily contact the company that manufactures your phone and find out if your cell phone supports this technology. After this step, you need to download the Esimatic application. Through this application, you need to choose the most suitable one among the different data plans that you can use in Thailand. After purchasing the data plan of your choice, you need to download eSIM Thailand with the help of the instructions that will be shown to you on your phone. The instructions will be given to you in a simple way through the application. After downloading it, you will receive a QR code and after scanning this QR code, your internet connection will be activated. This process will take much less time in real life than reading this paragraph here. If you are confused or have any questions, you can always contact Esimatic about the purchasing process or check out the FAQ section on the website. From this point you will be able to do trekking in Thailand’s most exquisite paths or discover nature without worrying about your internet connection. 

Advantages of eSIM Thailand

Thailand is a place of nature and greenery. And we think it is a common wish of all of us to want it to always remain so. But as the years go by, we see that pollution in the world is constantly increasing. And as conscious users, we need to prevent this. Esimatic has exactly this awareness and that's why it offers its service to people through virtual SIM cards. Traditional SIM cards are made of plastic, which causes a lot of damage to the world, especially Thailand. eSIM Thailand is not a physical card, so it does not harm the environment in this way. In addition to thinking about the environment, Esimatic offers its users very affordable data plans, and these data plans are available for everyone to choose from according to the length of their stay in Thailand. In addition, if you have any problems, there is a customer service that will provide you with the most effective solutions as soon as possible and your problems can be solved before too long. 


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