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Khao Sok National Park

It covers an area of Ban Ta Khun, Phanom and Khiri Rat with 461,712 rai and is declared as a national park.

Experience the large forest of the South covering the area of Ban Ta Khun, Phanom and Khiri Ratana. It was declared as a national park on August 2, 1994, with a total area of 461,712 rai. It has mountainous terrain and high limestone mountains, which are complex and strange with steep cliffs. At the same time, the north side is the site of Ratchaprarop Dam that has the atmosphere of the lake above the dam. People mention that it is Guilin of Thailand. Khao Sok National Park is full of tourist activities such as rafting, elephant trekking, bird watching and nature trails. Highlights of the park for nature tourists are Khao Sok trekking to find the unique vegetation. It's like a dream that they hope to come true, which is to find Bua Pud, a large flowers with a diameter of about 10-25 inches. The flower usually grows on the ground, and will bloom during November to January. Moreover, you may find white palm, a rare flower, including strange animals that are hard to find and interesting. The appropriate time for traveling to this park is between December and April. Wang Yao is a place for swimming that is long and wide, at least 500 people can swim. It is 3 kilometers from the park office and 40 meters from the rock springs. Bang Hua Rad and Wing Hin waterfall are beautiful because it has water from the Klong Sok. It is a two-tiered waterfall, the first flows from Bang Hua Rad and flow into the Klong Sok. Second is in the Klong Sok and it is only 120 meters from Bang Hua Rad waterfall. You will find a Wing Hin waterfall, which is small. Tung Nam is the scenery because of the mountains that were eroded apart by water, and became a face-to-face cliff. It has Klong Sok flowing through below. It is about 6 km from the office and is about 3.2 km from Ranong Rock and people have to travel by foot. Ton Kloy waterfall occurred because of Klong Sok which has one level. It has stone yard for leisure. It is about 9 kilometers from the park office. Ton Sai waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Klong Sok and it is about 11 kilometers from the park office and 2 kilometers from Ton Kloy waterfall. Thanawan waterfall has river flowing down from the steep cliff, then bow to the rainbow before flowing into the Klong Sok. It is about 9 kilometers from the park office, about 3 kilometers from the Tung Nam. Eleven floor waterfall is 4 km away from the office. Cascade to the top of the cliffs as a step image 11 steps to the bottom pool for water. Traveling to this waterfall, you have to walk. The Mae Yay is 4.5 kilometers from the park office and it is a single level waterfall about 30 meters high, which can reach by cars. It is located on Surat Thani Road-Takuapa.

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