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Birdwatching Khao Sok National Park

Birdwatching Khao Sok National Park


Departure: Full day   Duration: Full day
Khao Sok is a Birdwatchers, or “Twitcher’s,” dream, with a diversity of birdlife all year round. The question is what bird are you into. Let our experienced guide take you on a journey of discovery of the rich extensive birdlife that Khao Sok has. They will guide you through the humming life above you along with the river, jungle, open fields, and forest, as they explain bird behavior as well as their unique calls.

We are offering different choices ranging from half-day, one-day or two-day tours to Khao Sok National Park, the Little Amazon Mangrove Forest and Klong Seang Wildlife Sanctuary at Cheow Lan Lake.

In order to make the most of your Birdwatching trip, our guides will be available for a short consultation about your expectations and thought after bird species, prior to tour departure.

For these specialized tour options we are closely collaborating with Khao Sok Local Guide´s and we are sure that you will agree that our guides are up to and exceeding your expectations.

Contact us now for a free Khao Sok Birdwatching consultation.

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