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Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary

Meet elephants and feed them bananas
Watch video on history of elephant tourism and how cruel it can be, this is why we opened sanctuary.
Make food for elephants at ‘Wassanas Kitchen’
Walk with the elephants and take photos and learn about each elephant and how they got here, their diet etc
Return to visitor center and feed the elephants the food that you made at the beginning of the tour.

Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary is a safe haven where our elephants are retired from work, and living in the harmony of the rainforest. We have a few tour options available, and look forward to welcoming you to our little peace of heaven in the beautiful area of Khao Sok. Our elephants live in the shade of the palm trees with our own fresh water river flowing through the property where they can swim and drink. And where you can sit on our swings and enjoy observing the elephants amidst their natural habitat, doing what elephants do. We don’t allow bathing, but you will be able to feed and take lots of photos with the eles. Bathing stresses the elephants out, and it is always against their will to be forced into the water for tourists to ‘wash’ them. The welfare of our animals comes first and foremost, so knowing that they do not like this practice we do not allow it. However, we have many other things you can do on our property, for example:

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