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Khao Sok - Surat Thani-Thailand


Smiley Lake House in Ratchaprapha Dam

Smiley Lake House  is located at the front end of Klong Wang. be the first raft of the Cheow Lan Dam raft located in the upper zone which is located approximately west of the Cheow Lan Dam tourist pier 20-21 kilometers It takes about an hour to travel and is far from Khao Sam Kler. "Guilin of Thailand" about 9 kilometers

There is a peaceful natural atmosphere with comfortable accommodation. important tourist attractions such as
Tham Nam Thalu as well With the topography of the Cheow Lan Dam in the western zone which has quite a few high mountains located near the water's edge Most of the high mountain ranges are farther away from the accommodation rafts than the rafts in the Klong Mui area. Khlong Ka or Khlong Long

Smiley Lake House gives a view of the vast water rash. Large forests and trees are located at a moderate distance from the raft. not feel uncomfortable The atmosphere in the morning will see white mist floating on the mountain top and the water surface in front of the accommodation raft. Eating or sipping tea and coffee among the sounds of birds, monkeys, langurs, gibbons and other wild animals in this atmosphere and nature makes tourists Many people come to experience and stay overnight here.


  • Fan room

  • En-suite bathroom

  • check out no later than 9:00 a.m.

  • Time to pay electricity 24 hrs.

  • There are some phone signals at some points, networks with AIS  signals.

  • It takes 1 hour from the Cheow Lan Dam pier.


Package 3 day 2 night Khao Sok Smiley Bungalow & Smiley Lake House
Khao Sok Smiley Bungalow &
Smiley Lake House is located in the Khao Sok national park, Southern Thailand, Province of Suratthani.


Breath taking limestone mountains, caves and canyons covered by oldest evergreen rain forest in the world.

Whether you are taking a daily river canoe trip or staying in a floating bamboo raft house on Cheow Larn lake, near the Rathchaprapha Dam or trekking through the national park by foot.. or admiring the flora and fauna during an elephant nature trek, Khao Sok is a spectacular scenic experience not to be missed. 

Smiley Bungalow is only 10min walk from the entry of Khao Sok National Park

Smiley Lake House is in the Khao Sok National Park on Cheow Lan Lake (Rachaprabha Lake)
Modern raft with private bathroom Can use electricity from solar cells for 24 hours for comfort and convenience without noise. Try to experience Cheow Lan Dam. Legend of Khao Plug Mok, Surat Thani Province, beautiful view, clear water, good weather, peaceful, suitable for holidaysHere you will find a wonderful experience to remember. at Smiley Lake House in Ratchaprapha Dam Surat Thani 


Here you can get closer to wildlife, kayaking between gigant cliffs, hiking , explore cave & waterfall
Every bungalow has Private bathroom, 24 hour fan, AIS mobile signal only no wifi, no aircondition

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