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Khao Sok National Park

Khaosok Travel and Tourism
Khaosok Travel and Tourism

Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary


Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary Declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1974, it covers the areas of Tambon Takuk Nuea, Vibhavadi District, and Tambon Khao Phang, Tambon Kraisorn, Amphoe Ban Ta Khun. Surat Thani Province, with an area of ​​772,500 rai, was revoked the flood zone and the Ratchaprapha Dam area in 1983 with an area of ​​49,875 rai in 1985.

“Chiew Lan” is the name of one of the river rapids in Khlong Saeng area. The long canal is divided between the banks of the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary and Khao Sok National Park. In the past, this area used to be evergreen forest. It is filled with the most abundant biological resources of the Tenasserim Mountains. The ecosystem of the southern forests is unique and different from other forests. The area is flat and low. Streams are in low to high plains. with forest cover full of plant species It is the home of countless wild animals. both the animals that live and live on the land, the water and the sky, and the rare wildlife species in the area.

Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary Located in Tambon Takuk Nuea. Khiri Rat Nikhom District, Khao Phang Subdistrict, Kraison Subdistrict, Ban Ta Khun Subdistrict Surat Thani Province The terrain is a complex mountain range, height from 100 meters up, with the peak of Khao Wong, the highest peak of 1,272 meters, with a high slope as a limestone mountain.
Area covered by the flooded area of ​​Ratchaprapha Dam There is a stream of Nam Thom from the south along Khlong Saeng creek through the middle of the district to the northwest. north and west Take note of the boundary line of Surat Thani Province There are other peaks located in the north of the high area, descending respectively, including Khao Wong 1,272 meters high, Khao Yai 825 meters on the west, with Khao Charlie 864 meters high, the area on the southeastern side.
In the limestone mountain range, there are important high peaks such as Khao Na Nokook, 738 meters high, Khao Tham Chan 773 meters high and Khao Phang 785 meters high. Slopes to the southeast have wildlife resources divided into mammals such as white-handed gibbons, southern spectacled langurs, marmots, black squirrels and various flying squirrels, bulls, tapirs, tigers, leopards, panthers and wild elephants, etc.

Amphibians such as Chong Krong or Kong, Huai Toad, Toad, Muang Tai Cantilever, Sugar Swamp, Malay Basin and interesting reptiles in the area such as Tut Tu, barking elephants, Chakra turtles, water fish, etc.

Klong Sang Wildlife Private tour Full Day
by Private Car+Private Longtail Boat with Local Guide


Price 6,500 THB per person
Tour duration  14.00 -18.30 


  • Private Transfer By Car & Boat

  • National Park Fee

  • Lunch

  • Drink Water

  • Local Guide

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