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Kraisorn float House

Raft accommodation

by Khao Sok National Park

Raft House

Cheow Lan Lake

Kraisorn float House

Krai Son Raft House


At the entrance to Klong Yee (Cheow Lan’s westernmost tributary), Krai Son Raft House boasts breathtaking views and some of the best chances to see wildlife.

Basic but charming bamboo bungalows make this authentic fishing village-turned-guest house the ultimate getaway spot for those looking to unplug and experience real Thailand. With the new year, the raft house has increased its rooms to 24 to accommodate more guests.

Like many of our products, we are the only company to offer direct access to this raft house. The national park manages Krai Son and offers complimentary tea, coffee, and access to their new diving platform. It is close to the best viewpoint hike on the lake and is perfect for spotting hornbills and eagles.

Accommodation Details

  • Bamboo Raft Hut with Fan Room

  • Shared Bathrooms: Separated on the shore

  • Check-Out Time: No later than 9:00 a.m.

  • Electricity Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

  • Network Signals: None

Travel Time: It takes 1.5 hours from the Cheow Lan Dam pier

Enjoy your stay at Krai Son Raft House, where you can immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of Cheow Lan Lake and Khao Sok National Park.

kraisorn viewpoint

Krai Son Bamboo  Raft House

Stay at Krai Son Bamboo Raft House, where you can enjoy breathtaking views and immerse yourself in an area abundant with wildlife. Located near the Krai Son Viewpoint, it offers one of the best opportunities to see the stunning landscape and diverse fauna.

If you want to visit Krai Son bungalows, you have several options. Depending on availability, you can visit Krai Son bungalows on our two- or three-day Bamboo Bliss tours, which offer a guide and a more flexible schedule. Additionally, some two-day group tours visit Krai Son.


If you're keen on seeing the Krai Son raft house or want a more personalized experience, we can arrange a custom tour to suit your preferences.

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