Khao Sok & Cheow Lan Lake
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4 Days 3 Nights
The Full Khao Sok Experience

You’ll be immersed in everything that Khao Sok National Park, the tour also includes a day stay one-night traversing Cheow Larn Lake and journeying through the mangrove swamps. Explore this ancient location from the water in order to truly appreciate the vastness of the mountainous rainforest.


The final day of your tour includes a leisurely walk through the jungle, allowing you to see firsthand how magnificent this part of the world truly is. Enjoy lunch under the rainforest canopy to perfectly end your 4 days in Khao Sok. There’s no better way to experience Khao Sok National Park – book your place on the 4-day Khao Sok Travel today!

4 Days 3 night The Full Khao Sok Experience

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Highly recommended tour. 

Touring the Sok River via Bamboo Raft is one of the oldest forms of transport in Thailand As the sun sets over Khao Sok the jungle symphony begins and the jungle comes alive. There is no better time for a Night Safari! Let our expert guides navigate you through a 2-hour hike and introduce you to the amazing animals that inhabit the jungle.

visit Cheow Lan Lake is in the heart of Khao Sok National Park and there is no better way to experience this unique location than a 2-day, 1-night tour. This tour offers a hiking trip through the truly remote jungle, swimming, canoeing, cave exploration, boat wildlife safari and just relaxing amongst the stunning limestone formations. When the sun sets, enjoy a delicious dinner of fresh fish from the lake as the stars ascend in a floating bungalow that is in tune with nature.

What is included in the tour program
  • Entrance Khao Sok NP.
  • Jungle walk.
  • Lunch and relaxing.
  • Camp and night safari.
  • Pakarang Cave
  • Trek Namtaru Cave (closed in rainy season)
  • Cheowlarn Lake tour
  • Morning safari.