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Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking

elephant experience

In Khao Sok you will find available the once-in-a-lifetime chance to encounter and experience the Asian Elephants  up close. Certainly this is an experience you will not forget too soon, and since elephants have been part of the Thai culture since many centuries, there is also no better place than Thailand to see this gentle giant.

To really experience these lovely pachyderms, we highly recommend to do it with both feet firmly on the ground. This way you can perfectly interact with Asia’s largest land animal, observe their different characters and stare deep into their intelligent-looking little eyes on the same level.

An “Elephant Experience” is an ethical, educative and very fun way to get up close and personal with Asia’s largest land animal, all while standing next to one. It includes preparing their favorite treat, feeding them their daily meal, and interacting with these lovely pachyderms. In addition, you can also see them enjoying a giant mud bath and exploring their free roaming pen in a way that is as close to nature as possible for these domestic elephants – Experiencing this amazing animal in a way that is natural and without the need to sit on them is surely the best way to support their future survival in this world.

The elephant experience is quickly becoming the most popular way to encounter elephants in Thailand, due to its ethical roots.


Many travelers participating in an elephant experience (as opposed to an elephant trek where you sit on the elephants) generally reported much higher satisfaction with their elephant encounter than guests who opted for an elephant trek did. They also feel satisfied that this is the most ethical way to see elephants in Thailand, safe in the knowledge they are supporting a more natural form of tourism with elephants.

In case you do decide to go elephant trekking, please research your tour company carefully on the internet and ensure you do choose a reputable operator, which takes good care of its animals and is properly certified.

Elephant khao sok national park
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