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Praiwan RaftHouse

Raft accommodation

by Khao Sok National Park

Klong Ka
Raft House

Cheow Lan Lake, Surat Thani, Thailand

Praiwan RaftHouse

You can relax in small lakeside bungalows such as the Klong Ka Raft house while boating among the rocks protruding from the water - but of course the rest of the strangely shaped lake is also well equipped with accommodation.

Klong Ka Raft House It is a raft with many tourists staying overnight and increasing in number. There is a beautiful view of the top level of Cheow Lan Dam. Both the view of the limestone mountain range behind and on the side and the view of the vast water in front of the raft, including the natural style accommodation raft typical of the Cheow Lan Dam National Park raft

Klong Ka Raft is located in the Klong Ka Bay area. South of Cheow Lan Dam By taking a boat, traveling in front of the Nang Prai raft, Khao Sam Kler, and Prakai Phet Cave


This is also the office of "Khlong Kha Tourism Development Center, Khao Sok National Park" as well

  • Fan  room

  • En-suite bathroom

  • checks out no later than 9:00 am.

  • The time to pay for electricity is 6.00 am - 10.00 pm.

  • Some phone signals are at some points, and networks have AIS  signals.

  • It takes 1   hour from the Cheow Lan Dam pier.

Klong Ka Raft House


What attracts tourists to stay overnight at Klong Ka Rafts is increasing every day. It seems to be a matter of atmosphere and views. The scenery here is one of the most beautiful. If looking from inside the accommodation raft to the front of the raft, You can see a long log sticking out as a point, which the raft has made for a swimming spot. The front of the raft is filled with many red carp. The big one is rich and very familiar. Swim around in the clear green water.

Here, tourists can kayak out to see the beautiful scenery. The broad water wink reflects the light like a mirror, especially during the sunrise at the front of the accommodation raft. Around the raft are mountains and cliffs. Take beautiful photos. One of the best rafts

has a quiet atmosphere. The weather is very cool. Including being a very clean raft. Because the raft has a disposal policy. Excellent garbage, by the trash that tourists bring to the raft. When returning, tourists must also get them back ashore. It is a raft with a friendly policy. With the environment, a lot

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