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Venture into the remote Khao Sok National Park to spend two days viewing wildlife amongst thick jungle, stunning limestone cliffs, and untouched nature.

If you are ready to get away from the busy tourist-centric parts of Thailand, traveling by longtail boat into the heart of the park is the perfect wilderness escape complete with the chance to sleep

in rustic bamboo huts.

Get camera-ready: Plan for gear that’ll best capture your picture-perfect moments, whether that’s an phone cam or a nifty one with great autofocus.

"Boat trips to the most remote destinations on the lake. which is a source of abundant wildlife"

Temporary Forest Protection Unit at Tham Chia 

Temporary Forest Protection Unit at Tham Chia 

2-Days Khao Sok Wildlife

Adult Rate Per person

13,900 THB

  • 1 night accommodation on a raft
    with all meals included

  • Private longtail boat to use a boat to see animals

  • See wild animals at Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Local Guide

* This price includes a Private boat transfer from Cheow Lan Dam Municipal Pier to the Raft House 

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