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A lot of visitors come to Khao Sok just to marvel at the beauty of nature, but you can also enjoy your time taking part in some of the various activities that different You can explore
national park. 

There are a few waterfalls, and some good hiking trails, and when one is blooming, you can sometimes see the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. There are also guided night hikes you can arrange. On the lake, there are caves, waterfalls, treks, wildlife safaris, swimming, and kayaking.

Khaosok Travel and Tourism
Khaosok Travel and Tourism
Khaosok Travel and Tourism
Khaosok Travel and Tourism
Khaosok Travel and Tourism
Khaosok Travel and Tourism
Wildlife watching

Hiking & Jungle
in Khao Sok National Park

There are plenty of trails around the headquarters area and the lake. Only a couple of these trails around the headquarters can be walked without a guide.


All other trails in the park strictly require a guide to walk. Visitors are not recommended to walk longer trails on their own by breaking the national park rules. There is a significant chance to get lost.

Local non-English speaking guides can be arranged from the visitor center, agencies or hotels in Khao Sok Village. While it is possible to walk in and arrange a guide during the low seasons, the guides must be arranged at least a day in advance in the high seasons.
Waterfalls, caves, limestone hills and viewpoints

The accessible waterfalls can only be found along the trails from the headquarters in Khao Sok and at a couple of spots not too far from the main road 401 south of the park.


Impressive limestone outcrops can be seen at many spots in the national park; in Khao Sok Village, along the main road and on the lake. Most of the impressive caves are around Khao Sok Lake, reached by longtail boats.


Water activities
& Caves



There are various water activities, some can be arranged in combination with a tour also involving hiking or visiting caves.

If there is not too strong current, it is possible to swim in a few ponds along the Sok River, either along the main trail west from the headquarters or in Khao Sok Village. People are often seen walking down to the Sok River in Khlong Sok Village. There are also a few swimming spots along the hike west to the waterfalls. It is also possible to swim in the lake at various raft houses.

River Bamboo rafting



If there is enough water flowing in the river, it is possible to attend river tubing bamboo rafting activities.In the mid/late dry seasons it may not be enough water for a smooth tubing/rafting. The price for tubing is around 500 Baht, bamboo rafting is around 1,200 Baht per person. Both activities can be arranged from hotels or on street agencies.

Canoeing - Another popular water activity, only possible when there is enough waterflow in the river. Can be arranged from hotels or various agencies on the street.

Wildlife watching


Some tour companies and websites advertise Khao Sok as a popular destination to see tigers. There have been tigers in Khao Sok, there may still be a smaller population deep inside the inaccessible areas, but no one has seen one in the park for decades, not even camera trapped. Most advertising about wildlife watching should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The park has some of the most exciting mammal species found in Thailand, but it is very rare to see any around the popular touristy areas. Chance to see mammals are bigger along some of the trails in Khao Sok Lake. There are few trails where elephants and gaurs can be seen sometimes.

Around the headquarters long-tail macaques and banded-langurs are common. Sometimes boars or deer may show up on the trails. Magical calls of the gibbons may be heard from the hotels near the national park in the morning.

The entire park is a great place to find reptile and amphibian species. Many of Thailand’s exciting lizard, snake and amphibian species can be found along the trails to the waterfalls. Best time to find the reptiles and amphibians is during the evening.

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