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FISHING ON KHAO SOK LAKE Fishing on Khao Sok Lake features remote lakeside jungle...

You’ll be at the more quiet and relaxing back corners of the west lake. Thai fishing tours are designed to help you to get in touch with nature while engaging in a long-standing tradition for local guides and rangers. The nice part about going fishing on khao sok lake is that the best times (early morning and late afternoon) are also the optimal times for seeing animals on land as well.

Depending on your schedule and preferences, you’ll be able to do some lure fishing, fly fishing, or a little bit of both. For the longer trips, you can decide which type of fishing you will do on which days. If these tours aren’t quite what you’re looking for, let us know and we’re happy to customize them!

Although the dry season (December – April) is best for fly fishing, spin fishing can be good fun any time of year! Please keep in mind that these tours do not include fishing equipment, and the rental gear at the pier is not of good quality. It’s recommended that you bring your own gear for both spin and fly fishing and your own lures. With the our local experts, we’ll be happy to advise you what the best gear is for Fishing on Khao Sok Lake, once you’ve booked with us.

Thai Fishing 1 day trip

. The remote raft houses, gorgeous jungle surroundings and exotic wildlife make it an a great place to cast your line! On top of that, there’s Barb, Carp, Perch, Catfish, Masheer, and Snakehead for the catching. You’ll be at the more basic raft houses on the lake, which are in the more relaxing back corners of the west lake.

  • Private Boat

  • fishing rod fishing equipment bait

  • Lunch

  • Guide


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