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SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS AT Cheow Lan Lake - Khao Sok National Park

July 2023, Khao Sok Travel Local Guide Bring foreign tourists to take a boat ride to see the beauty of the Cheow Lan Lake to see the limestone mountains, the water, Khao Sam Kler and wildlife living in the Cheow Lan Lake. which met a herd of 7 wild elephants in Ao Long area Inside the Cheow Lan Dam which creates excitement for tourists Stimulate tourism to the area as well.

Kittipong Wanya, Khao Sok Travel Guide, said that while he was leading foreign tourists which is a group that likes to travel and study nature Traveling to travel at the upper part of Ratchaprapha Dam, he saw 7 wild elephants walking down to drink water at Khlong Long area. Foreign tourists are happy to bring the boat closer. in order to take pictures of all 7 elephants

However, in the past, foreign tourists have been brought to visit and take pictures of the bull. who came down to drink water as well Let tourists know that Khao Sok National Park is a natural attraction.

that is still abundant with nature There are many wild animals. besides elephants and bulls Khao Sok National Park has an area adjacent to Kaeng Krung, Khlong Yan and Ranong provinces. In which animals from such areas often travel to circulate


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