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Where to stay on Khao Sok Lake – unique floating bungalows!

Visiting the lake and exploring the park is a beautiful experience, but there is nothing like going a step further to stay at one of the many Raft houses along the lake to enjoy the incredible sunsets and sunrises.

This gives you an extra day on the lake too so you are not rushed to take everything in with a day tour. There’s no wifi at most of these floating hotels which makes the experience even more precious. Each floating resort has diving boards, kayaks, and paddleboards, which you can rent for free.

This is a fun way to see parts of the lake on your own and really sense the magic of the area.

There are several types of floating bungalow and these all range in price. The cheapest rooms are the most basic; no AC, a simple mattress on the floor and you generally share a common bathroom and shower with the other huts.

Keerweewarin Resort offers simple but practical accommodations at around $35 per night, encouraging you to spend the time using the free kayaks and sunbathing decks.

The most expensive rooms have AC, an ensuite bathroom, a proper double bed and are much bigger.

The resorts sometimes even have outdoor pools and spa options. The swankiest floating bungalow on the lake is 500 Rai Floating Bungalow, There is something for everyone!

I personally enjoy staying in the more basic rooms as it encourages me to spend most of my time outside doing enjoyable activities such as:

swimming in the lake


reading my book in the sunshine

camping-like experience in nature and more

All the guests tend to chat after dinner with a beer and the hotel staff will sometimes put on a little show for you such as traditional Thai Dancing.

For a fully inclusive overnight stay + a tour of the lakeSmiley Bungalows is a great option.


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