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Ton Toei Bamboo Raft House

Ton Toey Raft House or Klong Pae Raft Located deep in the Klong Pae area on the southwest side of the Cheow Lan Dam. which is a point that is close to another important tourist attraction, Tham Nam Thalu

Khao Sok Lake  floating Bungalows are the middle path to comfort in Nature and feature elevated beds and usually a fan. The National Park Authority recently mandated that all new bungalows must be of this quality or above.

Usually made out of concrete or synthetic wood, Khao Sok Lake   Floating Bungalows usually feature metal guard rails and a more even and modern walkway. Some have shared bathrooms and some have in-room bathrooms. These bungalows have a slightly higher price point, but are worth it if you like a a more modern accommodation.

Floating Bungalows Khao Sok Lake. 

There are 14 different Floating Bungalows Khao Sok Lake. They each with their own unique charm. Experience the magic of Cheow Lan Lake is on a guided tour.

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