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Ban Nam Rad Watershed Forest, Surat Thani

Amazing crystal clear natural pool in the middle of a forest in Surat Thani, this turquoise hued spring boasts beautifully clear waters which are shallow enough to bathe in.

The Ban Nam Rad watershed forest is part of the Yan Yao Khao Wong Krasum National Reserved Forest in Surat Thani Province, Thailand. In 2017, it was designated as a Community Forest. The surrounding communities have established Community Enterprises and hold the rights to manage forests for recreational purposes including ecotourism activities such as boat-rowing and hiking.

Located in Ban Thamniap sub-district, this turquoise hued spring boasts beautifully clear waters which are shallow enough to bathe in. Aside from this, there are boats and rubber rings available to rent but it is imperative that all visitors strictly adhere to the regulations of the area in order to help maintain this area of stunning natural beauty. This includes not bringing food and beverages or soap and shampoo into the area and refraining from using plastic bags or other plastic goods.

Ban Nam Rad Headwater Forest is another hidden gem that I discovered in Surat Thani. It is not too far from Khao Sok and is tucked away between the tropical trees in the remote region of Surat Thani. Here, you will find an incredible natural pool waiting for you to jump in.

The bright emerald-colored pool and the crystal clear water, fed by the nearby river, are the perfect places to escape the heat and humidity of Thailand and get soaked in refreshing water while surrounded by a tropical forest.

In the other section of the area, you can rent a kayak and paddle along the river that feeds the pool, explore the beautiful tropical forest that surrounds the area, and spot some wildlife along the way.

Considering the existence of novel concepts on ecosystem service remunerations and the definition of ecosystem services, the definition of PES, as well as related mechanisms on PES and how to apply PES to social contexts influencing effective forest ecosystem management, should be provided. Thailand also lacks a guidebook or guideline on forest management connected to biodiversity and tourism. This project will serve as a model for community forests or recreational forests supervised by the Royal Forest Department in the future.

Private Half day trip - Price 2,000 THB per person Pickup: 08.00,13:30 Return: 12.00,17.00 Include

  • Private Car

  • Entrance fee

  • Boat with rower

  • Guide

  • Coffee

  • Lunch


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