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Cheow Lan Lake - South Thailand Jungle Snakehead Fishing in Thailand

Southern Thailand's Cheow Lan Dam is best known for it's dramatic mountainous landscape and unspoiled jungle setting. For the snakehead and lure fishing enthusiast Cheow Lan Dam is the pinnacle of jungle lure fishing venues in Thailand.


Cheow Lan Dam is an enormous lake of 165 square kilometers making up part of Khao Sok National Park in South Thailand's Surat Thani Province. Other national parks and wildlife reserves interconnect this region to create Thailand's largest area of continuous jungle. Wild elephants inhabit the National Park that fringes the waters's edge of Cheow Lan along with wild deer and monkeys all of which are often seen while on a jungle fishing safari.


As well as the unequalled natural beauty and dramatic scenery, Cheow Lan also offers anglers the unusual opportunity to target an array of fish species found to be quite rare in other locations.

  • Giant snakehead

  • Striped snakehead

  • Cobra snakehead

  • Jungle perch (hampala barb)

  • Yellow catfish Thai mahseer


Long tail boats are the tool for the lure angler - no outside boats are permitted on Cheow Lan Dam, it is this strict enforcement of this and many other rules that keep the Cheow Lan as Thailand's most stunning national park. The local long tail boats require a certain amount of balance and agility from the angler - but their size comes as an advantage when stealthily approaching snakehead or entering a narrow bay.

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