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Hike To One Of The Many Viewpoints At Thamma Park

Thamma Park is another interesting place I visited during my road trip around Surat Thani. This temple park is a mountain temple located not too far from Ban Nam Rad Headwater forest, and it has recently become quite a popular attraction among local tourists.

The temple itself consists of a beautiful temple gate built of stacked bricks, and it is said that during certain months of the year, the sun will rise right at the center of the gate, making it a great place to watch the sunrise.

The temple is surrounded by several limestone mountains, each being higher than the other. They have now constructed around 4 viewpoints, along with several pilgrimage trails for visitors to hike to.

You can hike one of the viewpoints or all of them if you are feeling active. The highest one was still under construction when I was there, so I decided to hike the second viewpoint, which gave me an incredible vantage point over the whole area.

An aerial shot of the area around Thamma Park in Surat Thani

You can really see just how remote the temple is from these viewpoints. There is nothing but tropical forests and limestone mountains around Surat Thani. It becomes even more apparent when I took my drone up and flew to the other viewpoints.


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