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Utopia Khao Sok Riverview Garden Restaurant Backpacker Heaven in Khao Sok, Thailand

Welcome to Utopia, the most popular restaurant & bar in Khao Sok, Thailand. Great food, fantastic customers, friendly staff, cool music & yoga too!

Utopia Luang Prabang Loas

ok no further than Utopia for the perfect place to do so. Lying on lounges, looking over the Klong Sang River, watching slow boats glide past, eating delicious

Once you’re back in Khao Sok, make your way to ‘Utopia’ bar&restaurant. No joke here, ‘Utopia’ really is a utopia. Hands down one of the best cafes in Southeast Asia, Utopia is situated on the Seang River riverside and offers a brilliantly designed interior .

Lay down on the terrace cushions, order a beer (or a pizza), and enjoy Thai’s signature laid-back atmosphere.


Utopia Khao Sok – One of My Favorite Places Opening 1 January 2026


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