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Nang Prai Bamboo Raft House

Nang Prai Raft is one of the four rafts in Cheow Lan Dam National Park.

an old raft that are intended to serve tourists from the beginning The location of the raft is located at Somdet Bay. which is the center of the Cheow Lan Dam It is about 16 kilometers from the tourist pier.

It is also the office of "Khao Sok National Park Protection Unit at Kor Sor 3 Ao Somdet" as well. This is the first raft with a beautiful view in front of the raft. because it is not far from the front of the raft will see the most important highlight of the Chiew Lan Dam which is Khao Sam Kler area or “Guilin of Thailand”


In addition, the raft area also has a large number of red-tailed carp. The red-tailed carp is a freshwater fish that feeds naturally. Live together in a large crowd around the raft. A bright red-tailed carp swimming in the clear green water. It is a color that contrasts perfectly. Tourists who come to visit often take pictures. where tourists can feed the fish by themselves as per their convenience Which the raft also has fish food for service at a cheap price as well

The rooms here are bamboo rafts and some wooden rafts. Inside the room there is 1 light, there is a mattress, pillow and blanket. There is no electrical plug to use. The bathroom is a shared bathroom. There is a separate shower room and toilets for men and women clearly.


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